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wtorek, 9 października 2007

Julian Grobelny

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Julian Grobelny


Natalia Bagińska, Natalia Dybowska, Sylwia Kesler, Bartek Koc
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Address: Warsaw Poland


Code: RelatioNet GR JU 93 BR PO
Family Name: Grobelny First Name: Julian Middle Name: Middle Name
Father Name: Father Name Mother Name: Mother Name
Birth Date: 16/02/1893 Town In Holocaust: Brzeziny Country In Holocaust: Poland
Profession (Main) In Holocaust: President of "Zegota"
Death Place: Death Reason: Death Reason Year Of Death: 1944
Cemetary: Minsk Mazowiecki

Julian Grobelny (whose code name was Trojan) he was born in 1893 in Brzeziny and died in 1944 in Minsk Mazowiecki.He was an activist in the PPS since 1915 and president od Zegota since itsestanblishment in 1942. Despite suffering from tuberculosis, Grobelny, together with his wife , Halina, was personally involved in the rescue of a large number of Jewish children. Both Julian and Halina devoted most of their time and energy to their rescue work, turning their small house in Ceglow, near Minsk Mazowiecki into a temporary shelter for Jewish for Jewish children until they could move ino more permanent accomodations. The Grobelnys were in close contact with Irena Sendler, head of the children’s section of Zegota The Grobenlys also helped Jewish adults who fled from the getto by supplying them with Aryan papers, money and medicines. In March 1944, the Gestapo arrested Grobelny, but during a fulough to receive medical care he escaped. Grobelny died of tuberculosis on December 4, 1944 The names of Julian and Halina Grobelny figure prominently in books about humanitarian aid to the Jews of Warsaw and elsewhere during the occupation. On March 8, 1987, Yad Vashem recognized Halina and Julian Grobelny as Rigteous Among the Nations.